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marauders. renegades

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hellishly creatures

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«hellishly creatures»

rearden [as lucifer morningstar] eowyn [as jess] ∷ los-angeles ∷ now

we send our prayer to the god when we feel weak, and we curse and blame the devil for being so. though we forget one little detail: devil can't create the evil; but he can punish it.

ost: pj harvey - to bring you my love




   people, who believe in god, use to say that there’s a plan for all of us. that every shit, every bloody bad moment of your miserable life happens for a reason. acceptance is all you need. like the book says, he works his work in mysterious ways. some people like it and some people don’t. you see, i had to die just to figure that out, 'cause, let's be honest, i never believed in all this crap about some kind of guy who sits on the damn cloud above us and doesn't give a single fuck about what's going on with his children. if he exists, which i really doubt, he either deaf or selfish moron that is too busy to do something about it. devil on my shoulder twists his devil coin and whispers that these are two sides of the same. and i trust him, and i'm gonna die for him. this story will find its end under the ashes in the cold gray and forgotten place, full of sinners and losers, but for now, let's start from the very beginning.
   being a woman of many talents i created a name for myself, a good reputation of the well-known thief in the specific circles. when one guy needs to steal something from another he usually calls me if he got enough zeros on his count. los-angeles is like paradise for those who looking for money, fresh feelings, and freedom. i guess i was looking for all at ones. the idea was simple: come to 'lux' and steal from the devil himself. not the real devil, of course, but the guy, who runs the piano bar, wears prada and charming as hell despite that his scenic name is a little bit strange and funny at the same time. lucifer morningstar. magazines adore him, ladies ready to spread their legs if he only makes a sign, damn, even men ready. i spent a lot of time watching him, never getting too close, always staying on the safe distance somewhere in the shadow and yet it was enough to understand that he is one of those guys who enjoy every bloody day and take all from it. i could call him hot, actually, but it has nothing to my case.
   so, today is so-called day x. i had many different cases in my life, some of them were interesting, some were easy and funny and some of them were bloody and scary. this one was something new like it was out of any definition. i was anxious, a little bit nervous and the hell of excited. was it even my goal or the person, who happened to be its part? pretty interesting question. putting on my best dress, i'm looking forward how i will tell the stories about seducing and tricking the devil. mother used to tell me that sometimes i can be too opinionated but who would i be without it?
   in the few hours, i was there. 'lux' was crowded as always, people enjoyed the party and its special benefit - lucifer's play on the piano.



Вы здесь » marauders. renegades » the other world » hellishly creatures

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